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Imagine the enjoyment of being able to sit down and relax while watching the excitement of your special event as it happened. All without the worry or uncomfortable feeling of asking a friend or relative to bring along their home video camcorder.

MultiMedia Dimensions offers a full array of special event video production and editing services. If it's something special, call us...then sit back and relax while we provide you with memories that last forever!

 Family Generation Video Production Services

Family Generations Video is a great way to show your family history to the next generation. If you’ve researched your family tree you might consider putting your family history onto video. Here’s a couple reasons why:
  • Priceless photos eventually age, crack and fade. Video life is endless.

  • Telling and watching a story about your family is a completely different and entertaining media experience compared to reading a family album. Capture live stories from relatives as well as live video of family members and memories (family reunions are excellent sources). All can be put on video.

  • We can use your old family videos (any format), and old family photos to produce a family history video for you and your family to enjoy for generations.

  • Almost everyone is willing to sit down and watch a video at home.

For more information on our Family Generations Video packages or for a FREE  Generations Video Production (Do-It-Yourself) Guide click here .

 Other Special Events

We offer complete video production and post-production editing services for a wide range of special events.

  • Graduation Ceremony - Graduations can be more fun even after they happen! Single and multi-camera shoots and many options like a class photo segment, an extended video recap and “Day in the Life” segment are available. We will provide you a Video Yearbook!

  • Sporting Events - Let us capture all the memories while you enjoy the excitement! All sporting events are shot with broadcast quality equipment and edited in non-linear systems to produce the highest quality. Football game, basketball game or wrestling match, we will capture your event in a most amazing way.

  • Birthday Milestone Celebrations - A birthday party, anniversary, sweet 16, retirement party or any other special gathering, let us capture all the memories for generations to come!

  • Plays, Concerts and Dance Recitals - They say the show must go on, and we say the show must be videotaped! We shoot plays and recitals with the same high quality equipment as we do when taping other special events, which means no more shaky, unclear videos that you get from little Bobby’s Dad or some other video companies.